Csillag Center // Tailor-made local influencer campaign

Csillag Center is a newly refurbished shopping mall in Northern Buda. One of the goals was to build up the brand reputation and reach more visitors without additional advertising costs. To motivate the target audience and present the renewed Csillag Center, we dived into influencer marketing. It is always hard to find an influencer that resonates with the appropriate target groups.
Placing out a book
We used a micro-influencer to amplify Csillag Center’s messaging and create local impact. Our goal was to generate positive buzz via social media. Our marketing initiative was to challenge followers to find 5 different books offered by Csillag Center and Líra-Móra – a tenant of the mall. We hid these books in various hot points in the catchment area, and we gave some hints to the participants via a few check-in videos.

This activation was part of a long-term collaboration with Anyaborben Fanni.
Finding a hidden book
We called this buzz activity #keresdakönyvet challenge. It was a good performing micro campaign with quality visuals, direct communication, and powerful reach. Besides the increasing visibility of the shopping center, we created a local CSR movement by offering books for free – well actually for hashtags.
Book read

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